When it Pops!

Springwood 26th June 2016 018Being able to capture an emotion, a feeling, an aspect of your subjects personality in that split second it takes to press the shutter on your camera, is beyond exciting for me. That moment when scrolling through the images from a shoot, and a picture like this one stands out, well that’s just what makes me absolutely know I am doing the thing I need to be doing. It just popped! My soul is happy following my passion. It really is all that cheesy whimsy is cracked up to be.

It took me a while to get here. To have belief in myself and my capabilities. It can be tough. My journey was, and still can be a rough one, but I am so glad I am here. You see, I understand that being authentically you is probably the most important lesson that life could possibly teach you. At the end of everything, you are the only person you will be with forever and always. So whatever makes it pop for you, just go do it. Don’t look for the why nots, there are always plenty of them. Be authentically you.

I will always cherish images like this one, it truly popped for me. It meant a lot to this little boys Nanna too 🙂

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